Teacher Tips with Mrs. Barb

Teacher Tips by Barbara Morgan, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

In today’s world, we are often tethered to our electronics, cell phones in particular. Our phones are now basically a computer with apps available with the swipe of a finger. Phones have become an even more integral part of daily life than they ever have before. Purposefully let go of some of your electronic usage, and reap rewards. Following are some difficult questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is my electronic usage keeping me from spending time with God? Often we say we want to spend time in scripture, but we “don’t have time”. Intentionally set aside a block of time each day to unplug and connect with God.
  2. Is my phone keeping me from spending time with my family? When you have “family time”, don’t spend it on FB, Twitter, or googling info. Put all your heart and effort into your time together.
  3. Is my phone causing me to ignore people who NEED my attention? Enjoy the moment without distractions. Put your phone down at your child’s sporting events, a dinner out with your spouse, or when picking up your child.

So what does all this say we need to do? Intentionally put your phones down! Your phone should not be a priority. People should be! Learn to set limitations on when and where you use your phone. You will be so glad you did!

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