Teacher Tips with Mrs. Barb

By Barbara Morgan, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Love is in the air! As we get ready to celebrate the holiday of love, help your child to show love to those around them.

  1. Play a game or read with a younger sibling. If your child has younger siblings, or a younger neighbor child, encourage them to play a game with the child, or share a special book with them.
  2. Donate toys or books that are sitting in a corner. Encourage your child to help select items they no longer use, so another child can experience the joy of a new toy.
  3. Make cookies and donate them to a local fire or police station. Help your child make cookies and go with you to deliver them. Learning to respect and appreciate community helpers and authority is a great lesson.
  4. Make a care package for someone. Perhaps you have a college student in the family, a member of the military, or an elderly family member or acquaintance who would appreciate a little attention. What a perfect season to do this!
  5. Make cards for grandparents. Encourage your child to make and send cards to extended family members, especially those they do not get to see often. It will bring a big smile to the recipient’s face!

LOVE only grows by SHARING. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ~Brian Tracy

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