Summer Family Fun

Summer Family Fun by Barb Morgan, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Each week, Mrs. Barb Morgan includes a parenting advice column in her class newsletter. We will be sharing her articles here so that all parents will have access to her tips. The focus will be on family fun for the summer.  This week, here are a few reminders to stay healthy as the days begin to heat up.

  1. Wear protective sunscreen. As a skin cancer sufferer, I urge you to make this of utmost importance. In particular, if you are outdoors from 10-2, prime sun exposure time, apply sunscreen.
  2.  Stay hydrated. Children can easily become dehydrated, especially when involved in physical activity outdoors. Keep a water bottle handy, or ensure your child has a means to get water.
  3. Swim with an adult. Whenever you plan to be around water, make sure your child has adult supervision. Wear appropriate gear, such as a life vest or floats when needed.
  4. Take a break from the heat. If you are hot, your child is hot too. Alternate indoor and outdoor play to keep those little bodies at the proper temperature! Breaking for a popsicle or story time is so fun!


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