February Fun in the Infant Room

In the infant room, we are doing activities all day long that foster an active learning environment! Kathy and Karla plan developmentally appropriate learning activities designed to help the children develop and grow. Every month, we showcase some of the fun with a bulletin board display in every classroom. Let’s take a closer look at the infant’s February fun!

Infant Room February Fun

For President’s Day, we cut out white stars that are easy to grab and hold for babies.  The children used ink pads to make their handprints in red, white and blue.  This is always a fun activity.  We love oversized ink pads at The Little Lamb because they eliminate a lot of the mess associated with painting, but don’t detract from the fun! Lydia had red ink on the tray and paper.  She couldn’t figure out what was making the red prints!feb2feb1

We also made butterflies with the babies’ hand prints.  The child stamped their hand print on a piece of construction paper and then we added doilies and “antennae” to make a beautiful love bug! Madelyn loves to paint and wanted to continue to finger-paint.  Giselle and Taylor didn’t want to stop either.  Lucy and Blair just go with the flow and let us move their hands and smile.feb6

We also made some sun catchers to hang from the ceiling for the parents to see their art work and enjoy. The babies love seeing the sun shine through their colorful artwork.feb7

We also put heart people on the door with each infant picture in the middle, so parents can enjoy seeing their child’s face when coming into the room.feb8

Skills Learned:
Language and Literacy:
Responds to own name
Looks at clear and simple pictures
Understands simple phrases (bye bye)

World and Me:
Smiles Spontaneously
Notices Strangers
Becomes upset if toy is taken away

Searches for source of sound
Claps hands

Unstacks nesting blocks or rings
Searches for hidden objects

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