What We Love About A Beka

Why our Teachers (and parents) LOVE the A Beka Book Curriculum

Our families, teachers, and students all love the A Beka Book Academic Program at The Little Lamb Christian School! In today’s culture, children are over-stimulated with fast-talking, bright colored animation that is easily overwhelming for a little one and does not teach any true valuable lesson. The creators of A Beka Book understand this! The curriculum is divided into specific developmental stages for all children, which keeps learning lively, interesting and memorable.

Parents love the strong focus on language development early on. The phonics teaching starts simple with the youngest of our children learning their letters, then graduating on to what sound letters make through song and play. By the time our students reach kindergarten, they are excelling in reading literature beyond the national average. The repetition of phonics early on is very valuable for the reading pre-kindergarteners.

Children love the wonderful illustrations in the stories, pictures, and workbooks. The children get to know and love the friendly characters such as “Betsy Bee” and “Alexander Alligator” from the alphabet songs. Learning character-building lessons through stories of Amber Lamb’s adventures teach the children about obedience, patience, kindness, and to be helpers. There are so many songs, finger plays, and poems that the children love to sing over and over again!

Teachers love the strong Biblical foundation that weaves through all the subjects; math, science, art, phonics and writing. The children are learning about God and his character throughout all aspects of learning. What we desire is for our children to leave our school with both a strong understanding of doctrine and a strong training in academia.

We can see the difference. And we’ve heard from elementary educators that teach Little Lamb graduates, that they can see the difference too! To learn more about our school and academic program, schedule a tour today!

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