Touch a Truck at Little Lamb!

We had some very special visitors on Monday. The Westfield Fire Deparmtent visited our school to talk about fire safety and what their job is all about. It was a wonderful visit!


The firefighters talked about the different tools that they use to help put fires out, but also to help people that may be hurt or in trouble.

The children could sit in the seats and pretend to be firefighters!
The firefighters talked about what it’s like to ride in an ambulance. The children enjoyed seeing all of the equipment inside the ambulance.

Then, the firemen came into our school to talk about fire safety.  They showed us the heavy equipment that they wear when they go into a building that’s on fire. The children were so interested in the air mask that firefighters wear! The firemen also taught us what to do if there is a fire and to stop, drop and roll. It was a fantastic visit!
We are so thankful for the way the Westfield Fire Department serves our community. Thank you for coming to our school!

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