Teacher Tips with Mrs. Barb

by: Barb Morgan, Pre-kindergarten Teacher

After our science lesson on bees, it was obvious some have a genuine fear of bees. Here are a few reminders to help your children stay safe from stings.

  1. Don’t walk barefoot. Bees love clover and other small flowers that grow in grass. If you step on or near a bee, it will sting you. With shoes on, this will only hurt the bee!
  2. Stay still. Swatting at a bee that flies by will only alarm the insect. Think how you would feel if you passed by someone and they started flailing their arms at you! Remind your child NEVER to chase stinging insects. They will not view this as a friendly encounter!
  3. Call a professional to remove a nest. If you spot a bee hive, or wasp nest, don’t try to remove it yourself. Call a professional! Remind children not to throw items at a hive, but to get an adult if spotted.

4.   If allergic to insect stings, keep medication readily available. If you, or your child, need medication to combat the venom of an insect sting, make sure you can get to it quickly. Seconds matter!

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