Pre-Kindergarten Science – How does the heart work?

All about the heart

Every Thursday, our friends in the pre-kindergarten class have an extra focus on science. Since it was Valentine’s Day this week, they learned all about our hearts.

Here’s what Mrs. Barb shared about their morning. “We learned our heart is a pump, circulating blood constantly throughout our body. Ask your child to sing the new heart song we learned. We took turns pumping our ‘heart’, made with a jar, balloon and straws. The children made a heart with a Ziploc to show how blood pumps through the chambers. They painted a heart, and made play-doh hearts. We also cutout, sorted, and made patterns with hearts. A color-by-number heart picture helped us see the parts of heart. We looked at fun flapping books of the heart and body. Finally, they made parts of the body with tinker toys. Great job boys and girls!”

To find out more about what we’re learning in the pre-kindergarten classroom, set up a tour today!


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