January 2018 Family of the Month

Congratulations to the Koch family for being our January 2018 Family of the Month! Tom and Katie Koch are the parents of Helen, Adam and Lucy. We asked Tom and Katie to share a little bit about their family.

“We are all learning how to care for the bunnies and chickens on our little hobby farm and goats may be on the horizon. We enjoy traveling to see our family who live all over the United States. We like playing games and following college football! We keep busy with our kids’ involvement in band, karate and soccer. Tom works for Beck’s Hybrids in Atlanta, IN. Katie works for Lewis & Ellis Actuaries & Consultants. We started our kids at the Little Lamb when our son was 2. We never looked back and are thankful for the care given to our children and the kindness of the staff. We are appreciative of the faith based environment. ”

We are so happy you chose The Little Lamb Christian School for your family! What a blessing it is to care for your sweet children!

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