All About Spiders

Learning All About Spiders in the Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Most four year olds are wildly curious about the world around them. They love asking “why” and “how” on a regular basis about almost everything. Each week in the Pre-K classes, we try our best to answer these questions through a series of science days every Thursday full of research, crafts, and experiments!

This week, our classroom was filled with those creepy, crawly, creatures called spiders, but thankfully they were only pretend!

The children had many books to look at that were full of illustrations and facts about spiders. The children used the magnifying glass to closely examine all the different spiders in the books and some toy ones, too! We discussed how spiders are arachnids, not insects. They have 8 legs and 2 body parts. They do not have wings or antennae. We colored a picture of a spider that clearly labeled the different parts of the spider. We also talked about how spiders “hear” when the hairs on their legs vibrate. Many spiders have 8 eyes, but they do not see well. We made spider hats to show the eight spider eyes and eight legs. The children are so cute in these hats!spider1spider5grouphatsspider3

Have you ever wondered why spiders don’t stick to their own sticky webs? They have oily legs and feet! To further illustrate the intricacy of the spider web, we made some spider webs with some yarn and a small paper plate. First, we stamped little bugs to be caught in the webs for our spiders to have something to eat. Then we laced the yarn through small slits in the plate. Lastly, a plastic spider was placed in the new home.spider4spider2spider7kidswithweb

The children had a marvelous time learning about God’s creation through this week’s Science Day!


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