Since it’s so cold outside, it seemed only fitting to learn about the Arctic. Mrs. Barb talked about which animals live in the frigid North Pole and how they are able to stay warm. God made these animals just right in order to survive the freezing temperatures. She read ‘Welcome to the Ice House’ by Jane Yolen, which is a beautifully illustrated story about Arctic animals. If you haven’t read it before, I suggest you pick it up at the library this week!

The centers were very engaging this week! First, the children explored the Arctic through some sensory play with white shaving cream. The children were encouraged to make patterns, letters, and shapes. It was equally messy and fun!IMG_2090Next, there was marshmallow igloo building. We talked about how igloos are made and how the design is perfect for staying safe and warm. Construction play is a great way to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity and problem solving. The children loved getting to snack on marshmallows, too!IMG_2085IMG_2077The children learned that polar bears and many marine animals have blubber to keep them warm. Mrs. Barb illustrated how blubber works by putting crisco in a ziploc bag to represent blubber. Then, she filled a bucket with ice. The children put on gloves and felt the freezing ice and then felt the “blubber” on top of the ice. The “blubber” did not get cold! The children were very surprised by this!IMG_2081Another learning center was painting with ice paint. The children LOVED painting with paint ice cubes! We talked about God’s beautiful Northern Lights and made some of our own masterpieces!IMG_2079IMG_2092One of our favorite winter activities is to bring the snow inside for indoor snow play! The children donned mittens and gloves and played with Arctic animals in the sensory tub.IMG_2084

IMG_2082At another center, the children enjoyed solving a puzzle to create an Arctic scene complete with a polar bear, igloo, and Eskimo. The children were given ten numbered strips of paper to sort and glue on colorful construction paper. They loved discovering what the picture was at the end!IMG_2088photo-8We also played an Arctic memory game, created colorful books, and even made a snowman puzzle! The children had so much fun learning about God’s amazing creation. Our learning centers, puzzles, games, and crafts keep the children engaged with the lesson as they discover just how vast God’s creation is! Our focus is that the children will grow in wonder and admiration for God as they learn more and more about Him.IMG_2091IMG_2080IMG_2075

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